Mentorship is critical to the success of lab-members and we take it very seriously. There are several different avenues for mentorship:

  • Interactions with Sandeep: Sandeep has an open-door policy with no appointments needed to see him. He also spends many afternoons at his desk in the lab. Once a month, every lab member has a one-on-one meeting to discuss the progress of their project, and to think through the broader aspects of their research. At least once a year, every lab member meets formally with Sandeep to specifically discuss career plans and progress toward career goals.
  • Interactions with other members in the lab: The lab comprises highly experienced staff in computational and experimental biology. These individuals provide a rich body of experience and opportunities to┬álearn through close interactions. Most new lab members are paired with a more experienced lab member to ensure they learn quickly and help is always available.
  • Attendance at conferences and other venues for presenting the research also provide additional avenues for collaboration and mentorship.

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