Dave Lab - Who We Are

Who We Are

An interdisciplinary group of computational and experimental biologists dedicated to understanding and curing cancer.

Dave Lab - Immunity and cancer are but two faces of hematopoiesis

Immunity and cancer are but two faces of hematopoiesis

New stem-cell based approaches allow us to model genetic mutations in immune deficiencies and cancers in a completely novel fashion.

Dave Lab - In mouse, from men

In mouse, from men

Our animal models are a direct reflection of the genetic events that we observe in human tumors.

Dave Lab - It

It's all connected

Studying normal B cells and B cell tumors together allows us to define the intimate connection between the epigenetically determined chromatin structure of normal B cells and networks of gene mutations that drive B cell tumors.

Dave Lab - The Power of whole genome sequencing

The Power of whole genome sequencing

Everything that was known from five decades of genetics research in Burkitt lymphoma was recapitulated by sequencing a single whole genome from the tumor of an eight year-old boy.

Dave Lab - Measure, Model and Perturb

Measure, Model and Perturb

Defining the molecular features of tumors is a key starting point to understanding their biology and identifying new therapies. The figure shows our work with a cancer drug called histone deacetylase inhibitor.