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    • Our lab is in nearly every graduate program at Duke including Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, University Program in Genetics and Genomics, Cell and Molecular Biology, Pharmacology and Cancer Biology. Links to other programs at Duke are easy to establish.
    • Would-be graduate students should apply to one of these programs at Duke.
    • The entry point into the lab for graduate students is usually through a rotation in the lab.
    • A rotation lasts about 8-10 weeks. From the student‘s perspective, there are two central goals for the rotation.
      • First, to figure out whether the lab is a good fit. All students are exposed to the broad swath of projects and individuals through the different lab interactions. This will give the lab and the student an opportunity to figure out if the lab is a good fit for that student.
      • Second, to learn a new skill. Even when students come in having mastered a skill, we usually design a project that enables them to learn something new.
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  • Post Doctoral Fellows

    • Our lab is a particularly good training ground for individuals interested in an academic career. Our mix of cutting-edge technologies and diverse skills in computational and experimental biology enable well-trained individuals to make an impact in a relatively short amount of time. Mentorship for post-doctoral fellows is geared towards fostering their independence in lab skills, critical thinking and grant-writing.
    • We have a current opening for a Post-doctoral fellow who is interested in basic mechanisms underlying immunology and cancer. Required qualifications include a PhD in Immunology, Biochemistry, Cell or Molecular Biology or related field. The candidate must have excellent communication skills in English, both verbal and written. Experience with mouse models, particularly genetically engineered or NSG mouse models is strongly preferred. For the right candidate, we will handle all visa issues (if needed) and the start date is flexible.

    Clinical Fellows

    • Clinical fellows in hematology-oncology and other programs are generally required to do a minimum of two years of research. We work hard to ensure that this is a productive time, even if the fellow does not have much prior exposure to research. The broad knowledge of the field and hard work can overcome the lack of specific laboratory skills, which can be learned from other lab members. Clinical fellows joining the lab typically end up in careers at major academic medical centers.
    • The next opening for a clinical fellow will occur this summer.
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    • We generally include one undergraduate student in our lab at any given time. Undergraduates interact extensively with the PI and other members of the lab to learn all the skills to develop an independent project. Typically, undergraduates start in the lab at the end of their freshman or sophomore year and stay through graduation, undertaking one independent study each semester and an honors thesis in their senior year.
    • Past undergraduates have gone on to graduate school and medical school upon graduation.
    • Openings for undergraduates occur only every two to three years. The next opening will likely occur this summer.
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How to Apply & What to Expect

What is the application process for a staff or trainee position?

  • Simply send an email to Sandeep Dave.
  • Email can be looked up at; the online form became a spam magnet and was inactivated.
  • Include your CV and a brief statement about what aspect of our lab fits with your interests and list of three references. (References are not needed for undergraduates and grad students.)

What happens after you apply?

  • We read each application carefully and determine if they are a good fit. Most candidates will be informed immediately if they are not a good fit or a suitable position not available.
  • The remaining candidates are invited for an extended conversation via email, phone and/or in-person visits before an offer can be extended. Most candidates should expect to interact with multiple members of the lab before they are hired.
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